We are finding new items daily! More postings soon!!
We have been sorting out bicycle parts and lawnmower parts. On the bicycle end we are sorting by wood rim, lightweight, middleweight, balloon tire, juvenile and tricycle.  On mowers we have conventional and reel.  We will be adding photos very soon!  Also have some great new photos from the current races! Check back Soon!

Vintage Racing at Diamond Don's 2013

This was an awesome event once again!  Guy raced the cross country on Friday and won it after a horrible crash right after the start. The weekend of racing was great - 9 Firsts, 2 Seconds and unfortunately one DNF.

Guy's  Vintage Racing at Diamond Don's 2012 in Jefferson, TX.
Guy's Penton Project(s)
Guy's Race Museum

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My Dad delivered newspapers at 12 years old. 1929 he was tired of walking the route and did not have enough money to buy a bicycle, so he bought broken bicycles that he found on his route. He eventually assembled a bicycle for his route and had leftover parts which he polished and greased up and put in his Dad's Harness shop which was located at 901 S Main Street in Stillwater, OK. In only a short time the bicycle sales of used parts showed a business opportunity. With his Dad's help he ordered new LaSalle bicycles, built by Arnold Schwinn in Chicago.